Another city is possible with participatory budgeting

Another city is possible with participatory budgeting.  Une autre ville est possible avec le budget participatif.

Cabannes, Y. (ed.) (2017) Another city is possible with Participatory budgeting. Montréal/New York/London: Black Rose Books

Though participatory budgeting was only born in 1989, it has since been manifested over 5000 times in over 50 countries around the world - ground-breaking success for a process that is one of the rare authentic democratic innovations in the past 30 years. Participatory budgeting gives citizens a powerful role in the decision-making and destiny of their cities. It also reaffirms the central place of collective deliberation for direct democracy and participatory democracy, whilst contributing to the transformation of the city into urban commons.

In this book, Yves Cabannes and other seasoned experts in the field, lead us across five continents to the front lines of participatory budgeting, unpacking the successes and challenges of fourteen case studies. As much a Best-Of Guide as a How-To Manual for democratizing municipal finances, this book charts the unique trajectory of participatory budgeting, asserting its rich potential for realising radical democratic goals and deepening democracy. Animated throughout with stunning full colour images, it includes an extensive bibliography with up-to-date resources across multiple languages, including films and websites.

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